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Sister Day Trip to Round Top

Hey y'all....

As most of you know, I am a huge Round Top enthusiast. I typically go to Round Top a few times a year..not only during antiques week but now for the Christmas Parade and any other time I can find an excuse to getaway, tap into an unexplainable peacefulness and visit one of my favorite small Texas towns.

So, I had a few people (literally 3 people) reach out to me about sharing some info about Round Top and I thought it would be a great time to make my first blog post about something other than photography! Wooo hooo! So, here we go...

As much as I believe in experiencing Round Top on a multi day trip, some of us just can't swing leaving town for 2 - 3 days to shop til you drop. So if you can't and want to hear about how I make the best out of a day trip to Round Top...follow along below.

First things first...if you're coming from Houston make sure you leave early enough to avoid the city traffic and arrive in Round Top just in time to have your second cup of joe (because hopefully you had your first cup on the car ride over)! Lucky for you, Lady Elaine Co., is a new coffee + cocktail mobile truck at Bader Ranch that offers the best of both worlds! Coffee or Cocktails!! By the time I made it to Lady Elaine I was ready for a cocktail and not coffee (don't judge) and that was hands down one of the best frozen margaritas I have had in a loooong time. Not super sweet, yet super strong and a touch of Tajin on the rim. yummmmm! Also, the shops at Bader Ranch are you'll want to check those out while you're there!

Ok, let me back up a little and tell you that I always park at The Gin right next to Zapp Hall and Warrenton. It's $5 and you can come and go throughout the day as you wish. They also give you free COLD bottled water anytime you want! That's enough reason to park there alone. This year was the first year I saw this, but right next to the Gin you have the option to rent a golf cart! We were totally down to do that but all the carts were already reserved. Next time, I'll plan ahead... Who am I kidding. That won't happen. And if you aren't able to rent a golf cart just think of all the calories you will burn after consuming all the food and drinks if you're like me. :0

Ok, NOW I'm ready to shop!!! My sister and I headed straight over to Excess I + Excess II which had some of my favorite shops. I wish I would've gotten the names of all of my favorites but like I said this was just a day trip. Anyhow, trust me when I say you won't be disappointed stopping in these spots.

Be sure to stop at The Compound at Round Top as well... You won't be disappointed especially at Old World Antieks

By this time we worked up an appetite so we headed over to Henkle square looking for some good food and draaanks. My first choice for lunch was Local Roots but due to a private event they were closed when we got there....however we were able to peek our heads in and look at the beautiful restaurant and we even got a homemade spiked lemonade from my sweet friend and owner Melissa :) I have one request if you go, ask for the homemade ding dongs.

A couple of other spots you may want to stop by in the square are:

Royers Round Top Cafe (Reservation needed)

Royers Pie Haven - my personal favs: Sweet N Salty, Texas Trash + Bud's Choc Chip

Now that we had some snacks and draaaanks...we headed out to shop some more. We visited some cool spots not too far from Henkle Square.

Then we finished up shopping at Blue Hills which is always a favorite for me.

Of course we managed to work up another appetite ....imagine that. So we headed over to Prost Wine Bar for some wine and the absolute best pizza from Jax Brenham.

So that's it for my fun Sister Day Trip to Round Top....I will recap some of my favorites below with links to their website or social media accounts! I would love to chat with you about RT and any questions you might have so feel free to hit me up! DM, text, email or wherever! Happy Antiques Hunting!

Places to shop:

Marburger (if it's open when you're there also $$ fee for entry)

Places to Eat + Drink:

Lady Elaine Co. (at Bader Ranch)

Teague's Tavern (Food, drinks and Karaoke spot)

Royer's Round Top Cafe (Res needed during antiques week)

Mandito's (yummy mexican food)

Jax Brenham (insane pizza + more)

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